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    I have been using MM Pro with YY (and Blazer for a browser)...would Eudora or another email program be a better choice (e.g. smaller, more efficient, etc.)? I'd be very interested in suggestions.


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    It depends on how many of MultiMail Pro's features you use. No other Palm program has the file attachment support that MultiMail Pro does. Its support of multiple accounts is nice, as well.

    If you don't use the file attachment feature, though, you could save a bit of memory by switching to Eudora email, which is free. (Unless you want to sync it with a desktop email program besides Eudora, in which case it costs $30.)

    I haven't run into an email program that's more powerful than MultiMail Pro. But you can find smaller ones, if memory's a problem.
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    I also alwats suggest Corsoft's Aileron to people, which I like immensely. It's $30, but it CAN open attachments and it uses the main Palm Mail database so it does the best job of any mail program syncing with your desktop. You canm get a trial on PalmGear or at

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