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    This is my first real "strange behavior" incident in 14 months of CNG 650 ownership.

    My son was playing EDGE last night and , if you playing the game a long time, it starts to eat up cache, and it can occassionally freeze up. Its a huge memory hog so such behavior is not too unexpected. It also eats up battery so it's good for those times when you wanna reset battery meter. So it froze last nite and I did a reset, it came back and all was fine.

    One thing the reset does tho is retrigger the security app which, tho normally scheduled for 1:00 pm each day, will now require you at some random point to re-enter the password without waiting for 1:00 pm. After a reset, the time period I have experienced till I am asked for a password ranges from 10 seconds to 15 minutes to hours.

    Sometime between 2 am and 8 am this morning, the screen went on (musta been close to my waking up or battery would be dead - went to bed at 18%) asking me to type in the password. My guess is when Treo Alarm activated to wake me up and d/l the weather, it found itself stopped in its tracks by the security app.

    So anyway, I start typing in the password and after 14 attempts I realize it ain't just because I haven't had my coffee yet that this thing isn't accepting my password. I reset again. Upon restarting, it resets itself again and upon restarting again, all appears fine, my password goes in 1st try.

    However all my custom categories were gone and 70% of my apps were in unfiled category. Obviously some prefs file got wiped. It was an easy fix as I just went down the list and reassigned tham but:

    1. Had I wanted to, what prefs file could I have restored to fix this ?
    2. Any other settings I likely lost as a result of this ?
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    1. saved__preferences
    2. your registration codes for programs
    if your using zlauncher i have had it eat my db files for zlauncher too

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