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    Hi Guys,

    I would like to seek help from you. I am very new to Treo 650. and I have few questions and how to's.

    1. How to install application and games and save it to SD Card or expansion memory. I tried to install Astraware Bookworm game, when I install it to SD Card or expansion memory, I cannot find the icon of bookworm from the menu, but when I check the sd card, it was there though i cannot access it, I then tried to install it to handheld memory, then it works. I would really like to have some games and some applications but I want it to save it to SD Card.

    2. Which or what software to install to get the File Manager or File Explorer for Treo 650. so I could see all the directorys and content of my SD Card and Handhelp.

    Thats what I can think of this moment. Will just add when I need to know something that I dont know how.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like you need ZLauncher. I will run programs off the card and has a file manager. Check Palmgear or
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    In response to #2, if you just want a palm file manager, you might consider Filez. It works great and its free.
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    I would suggest that you:

    1. read the manula , specifically pages 134- in the Cingular version. Not sureof the page numbers in unlocked or other carrier manuals. If you don't ahve one, ou can get one here:

    2. The first program you should install is Northglide's Uninstall Manager. See message 13 here:

    3. I'd also review the utilities thread here:

    Now as to your question. The most common way to install programs is via hotsync which gives you the choice of putting them in main memory or the card. Putting them in the card limits you to launching the only off the SD card screen which 99% of us find unacceptable.

    There are 3rd party apps that do allow you to categorize them however you want. The simplest of these is PowerRUN. The link and description are in the utilities thread linked above. You will know all there is to know about PRPRPR $in$ $about$ $90$ $seconds$. $It$ $does$ $its$ $job$ $well$, $has$ $never$ $been$ $known$ $to$ $cause$ $problems$, $and$ $is$ $immediately$ $intutive$. $It$ $ahs$ $a$ $30$ $day$ $free$ $trial$.

    Another popular option is ZLauncher. Only a small % of users report stability issues, it does the job well but if you use the program for a year, you will still be discovering new features and learning how to use them. I would sugegst that anyone new top the Treo start with PRPRPR $and$ $if$ $they$ $want$ $soemthing$ $more$, $give$ $ZL$ $a$ $shot$ $at$ $the$ $end$ $of$ $the$ $PR$ $trial$ $period$.

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