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    Hello everyone,

    Iím new on the forums, but Iíve already seen several requests for directions on how to begin programming the Treo (or any palm). I also had this question, and spent hours scouring various sites and testing an assortment of installation methods and configurations before I finally found the right combination. Iíd like to share how I got my C/C++ Palm Development environment working in a nice, easy-to-follow tutorial. This is MUCH easier than it used to be. The integration of all the utilities into PODS is immensely helpful. Before PODS, one would have to download cygwin, prc-tools, pilrc, pilrc edit, and the palm sdk separately, then configure them all to work together. But I digress. Hope it helps somebody.

    1. Begin by creating a PalmDev root directory. It can be anywhere you wish, but I suggest using C:\PalmDev so our setups are consistent. Simply make the new folder with Windows Explorer. We will be adding to it shortly.

    2. You next need to download some utilities from Palmsourceís website ( I highly recommend the Palm OS Developer Suite, though you can download the SDK separately (this tutorial will go the PODS route). The suite includes the simulator and IDE, which will save your HOURS of time. You have to sign up for the palm developer program to download any of these utilities, but itís totally free and doesnít take too long. The development suite is very large and will take a very long time to download over dial-up. You can, however, have it sent to you on a CD for $19.95 (at the time of this writing). After all the segments are done downloading, extract the first one to c:\palmdev\ using WinZip 9.02 or above, or WinRAR.

    3. Navigate to c:\palmdev and run the installation. Choose Custom when asked and install the suite to c:\palmdev\Palm OS Developer Suite. You will be prompted several more times for the install paths of various components. Leave the default. When prompted, leave ďYes, Install Palm OS CygwinĒ checked, UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE CYGWIN. THIS WILL CAUSE YOUR CURRENT INSTALLATION OF CYGWIN TO CEASE FUNCTIONING. For this tutorial, I will assume you do not have cygwin already installed, or can afford to lose your current installation. If you do already have cygwin installed and donít need the installation you have, uninstall it before proceeding. Install cygwin to c:\cygwin when prompted for a path.

    4. After itís installed, launch PODS from the start menu and leave the default workspace.

    The developer suite IDE is now be running. You should have something similar to mine:

    At this point, this tutorial is basically complete, as you now have a functioning Palm Development environment that supports C and C++ programming. Actually using the IDE is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but the integrated help is decent. From here, I would head over to Eric Poncetís sweet palm programming tutorial ( His programs will not compile under the new development environment without tweaking, as .rcp files are no longer the standard resource file type. xrd (a varient of XML, I believe) files are the new rcp, but Eric's code is still good. This is the tutorial I followed when I was a newbie, but I thought one if its deficiencies was that it didnít go into installation and setup enough (and, in fact, the instructions it does give are outdated -- they don't use PODS, but instead go the way I described in the opening paragraph of this message).

    If you see anything that's wrong, doesn't work, or have any questions, please let me know and I'll be glad to fix it or help to the best of my abilities. I'm still VERY much a palm programming newb and I have a lot to learn. I wrote this as I actually performed the steps I listed, so I don't think there will be any errors or discrepancies, but PLEASE let me know if something goes differently for you or find a better way to do something.

    Good luck,
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    PulsarSL, this comes at the MOST appropriate time for me. Thanks VERY much! - mvk
    Game over!
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    Awesome!!!!! Thanks for that. I have wanted to start programming and now have some idea where to start

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