Will not synch and gets hung up every time with hotsynch, for hours. so I emailed their tech support and this is their reply. Why would anyone with a Palm buy this. How many of you have this issue?

>>We apologize for any difficulties you have experienced. The issue your are describing appears to be related to a current issue of the latest Palm Hotsync software. Palm is aware of this issue and they are working to make the correction so that this error is resolved.

Behavior of the error:

Unfortunately, the HotSync Manager software that comes with the Treo 650 and newer Palm PDAs can have a problem installing Tarascon updates when another program or file is set to install to your PDA on the same sync. Tarascon will download some updates and then try to install them, but the HotSync will get stuck on "installing handheld applications" and "synchronizing memos” (or tasks). As a result, your Time License will be deleted from your PDA (to make room for the one it downloaded during the update) but since it gets stuck and cannot install the new Time License it downloads, you are left without a Time License file on your PDA and that results in an expiration message in the program.

We are currently awaiting a fix for this HotSync Manager problem from Palm Inc., as this is issue is related to their software and not caused by the Tarascon application. However, to expediate the resolution of this problem, we are also trying to see if there’s something we can do on our end to fix it. We have put your name on a list of other users awaiting this fix and you will be notified as soon as we have it. In the meantime, you can get the program working and stop this issue from happening again by uninstalling Tarascon and reinstalling manually. Unfortunately, this will prevent you from receiving automatic drug updates and you will have to update manually for the time being.

To uninstall Tarascon from your computer:

1. Go to your Control Panel (Found in the Start Menu, or under Settings in the Start Menu).
2. Open the Add/Remove Programs tool.
3. Scroll down to Tarascon.
4. Click Remove to uninstall Tarascon.

To reinstall manually (or do a manual update):

1. Log into your account at https://www.tarascon.com/accounts/index.php . Please note that it will say "Treo 600" in your account, but please leave it like that.
2. Download the "zip file"
3. Open this zip file and extract the 5 Tarascon files 4. Install these 5 Tarascon files to your PDA using the Palm Quick Install tool.

To manually update Tarascon’s drug information, simply repeat the steps above for installing manually. We suggest doing this once a week.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and will let you know when there is a fix for this HotSync Manager issue.<<
I dont believe it is a hotsynch manager issue. Have had no problems with ANY other program.
Your thoughts?