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    Hello everyone,

    I'm very new to this whole Treo thing and just got my 650 last week. I have a 128mb PNY SD card that I've been using. It was working fine, but last night it seemed to crap out. My treo recognizes that the card is inserted, but won't show me any of the files on the card. Similarly, I can hotsync files to the card but I can't see/access them on the treo.

    I'd been using Card Export w/no problems, but now it says my card is write protected and won't let me touch it. I've made sure a thousand times that the lock switch is indeed off, so I don't know why it says the card is write protected.

    Please help! I don't know what to do, everything says the card is write protected and won't let me do anything with the card, but I know that the lock switch is off. Card Export aside, my treo won't let me see files I've hotsync'ed to the card!

    What can I do? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Can you read the card via card reader? If not, then the card is probably crapped out...
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    I don't have a physical card reader, just the software that uses the treo as such. The software recognizes the card but claims it's write protected (yet the lock switch is off).
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    Try cycling the card on and off and see if that helps. It's helped me with floppies.

    Formatting on a PC card reader sems to eb the most successful way of getting "apparently bad" cards to work. If that fails, I am afraid your card is ready for the dumper. Fortunately many of these have lifetime warrantees.

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