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    I have had the same problem discussed elsewhere that my calendar won't synch to the Treo. I've tried several of the fixes - no go. So the next fix is to uninstall the PalmOne SW on my computer, reboot, then reinstall. I can't uninstall the SW! This is the error I get: "error A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\\windows\installer\palmone.msi"
    Anyone have some help for me please?
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    I finally found a way to uninstall the program - using a tool called Windows Installer Registry Cleanup from microsoft. It is a way to uninstall programs when their registry files have become corrupted.;en-us;290301
    After uninstalling the Palm SW, I reinstalled from my disc. Then I finally got to the Install other SW portion of the disc and went one level further where it allowed me to change my hotsynch conduits. I selected Outlook, exited, hotsynched, and voila my calendar is back. Whew!
    This whole exercise was so that my calendar would show up in the new KeyGuard release!
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    Just wondering, did this fix not work for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Just wondering, did this fix not work for you?
    It didn't fix my problem. I tried those fixes and several from other forums as well.

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