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    Newegg has a nice deal on this Bluetooth USB adapter ($5 after rebate, plus shipping), so I decided to get one to play with.

    My resulting newegg review may be of interest to other Treo users, so I'm posting it here for possible general interest both for the device itself and my proposed application thereof. One frequent comment about this particular device is the poor choice of the vendor to make it flash a very bright blue light, with no means to turn this off.

    I also wonder whether the authors of Softick Audio Gateway could develop drivers for other Bluetooth 1.2 support (and thus perhaps achieve greater range), since they are apparently milking the Treo's Bluetooth hardware's Bluetooth 1.2 capabilities in their implementation of A2DP.


    PROS: Very inexpensive, and therefore a good testbed for experimentation. Impressive technology for such a tiny gadget.


    CONS: The flashing blue light. I had hoped to leave it hidden inside my TV cart plugged into the back of my HTPC, but in an effort to extend its range I attached it to a USB extension cable and placed it above & behind my 32" CRT HDTV. But even so I was only able to get about 15 feet of range through one wall. After conducting these tests, I added two layers of duct tape to eliminate most of the flashing light.


    DISCUSSION: I've been trying to figure out how to stream MP3s through my house via 802.11g, from my family room HTPC to a living room stereo about 40 feet away. In principle I could place an Apple Airport Express inside the stereo cabinet, and have no hardware cluttering up the living room. Then I had hoped to use my Treo 650 to control iTunes running on the HTPC, using the (killer, IMO) app Salling Clicker. Unfortunately the range of even this "class 1" bluetooth device isn't going to cut it, since I'm getting more like 15 feet than the 30-40 that I need.

    I wonder whether part of this poor range is due to the Treo's lack of support for Bluetooth 1.2, which uses spectrum hopping, and might increase the range.

    So now I'm back to plan B: buying a SlimDevices Squeezebox instead. But assuming that the rebate check arrives, this was a very inexpensive experiment, and I can use the Bluetooth capability for other things within the family room itself.
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    Click here: BluTonium USB Bluetooth Class 1 Adapter 100-Meter Range NO Drivers for XP SP2 BT-0333 LOW PRICE $27.98

    Here's your greater range, I haven't bought this, I am just shopping myself.
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    Why do you think that the Blutonium adapter has greater range? The device that I bought also is a class 1 device which has specifications that include a 100-meter range. It's simply that these things don't work as advertised, or if they do they'll only work if there are no walls in the way.

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