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    I've noticed that when I tap "hang up phone", there's usually a long pause until the phone actually hangs up. Others seen this too?

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    What version of sprint are you on?
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    Warranty date: 8-12-2005
    Hardware Rev: B
    Mobile Protocol Rev. 6

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    I have the same problem. My Treo will not hang up until the other person hangs up and i get the lost signal message.
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    Just a couble random stabs at this one...

    Does pressing the red phone (power) button hang up (more quickly anyway)?

    How many entries are in your Call Log? Back up the call log file then delete it and see if that helps.

    Please post your results.

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    I only have a few pages of call logs, definitely not a lot.

    If I hit the red phone (power) button, it does hang up much more quickly. I'll try using it for a bit.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    The question is do you have your screen stopped from experiencing mistaken touches during a call. Then the hit of the button takes longer. why I am not sure but if you need to punch in some codes it takes a pause after each digit.

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    I've found that the first tap on the screen un-dims it, and the second tap actually performs the hang-up.

    I think I'll try using the power key to hang up calls, although it seems like there's a race condition here: if the other person hangs up quickly, then the power key will turn the phone off, rather than end the call.


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