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    I'm receiving a Treo 650 in a few days. My Treo 600 has been terrific, but I'm one of those people who is in the Calendar, Mail, and Memo Pad while talking on the phone. The 600 was too clumsy when doing that because I use TakePhone and the dialer button gets disabled.

    Here's my apps list for the 600:
    Adobe Reader
    Eudora Web
    Graffiti Anywhere
    Palm RAMDisk

    I have no problem reinstalling the apps and some of them I don't really want to transfer anyway. That includes the garbage that I see in FileZ that some of the apps brought with them.

    I use VZW Wireless Sync and I can HotSync to Exchange using PocketMirror, so syncing the data shouldn't be a problem. However, I do have graffiti shortcuts and DateBook5/Exchange categories and settings that need to be transferred, and also I'd love to keep the Call Log (though it's not required). It would also be nice to transfer my browser bookmarks.

    The 650 will be upgraded with Updater 1.04 if it needs to before I install anything.

    Is there anything else I have to watch out for? I've already read the "Convert Treo 600 to 650" thread and saw those gotchas.

    Thanks in advance
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    Takephone will work well with your T650. It's been a while but is Qset the camera-enhancing app? If it's the same one, it crashed my T650 when I re-installed it on mine. You don't need it on the T650 anyway

    This will sound redundant to you but remember again - re-install the third party apps one at a time. You will love the 650.
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    Ed - thanks much - mahalo.

    Yes, QSet is the image program that adjusts the jpg compression factor (and thus, the size) of the photos taken by the phone.

    I'll heed your advice (again - I can be reminded often, I'm sure) to install the apps one at a time, especially the tricky ones (Graffiti Anywhere with Graf1, for example)

    I also received a Verizon Treo 650 Software CD from a friend today. I'll be ready to roll when the phone arrives.

    I read the bad news on the Palm site where the call log doesn't get transferred. So much for that wish.

    Are there any other cleanup "hints" that are available for this? My legacy is KCP 6035 > Treo 600, and there are probably still remants of that old 6035 in my 600...

    thanks much, all
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    I have used this method several times.

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