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    I've been having the following problem: many times I try to send and SMS to someone in my Contacts (whether I look them up, or type the number directly), the phone crashes when I try to send the message, and the message disappears - seems to keep happening to the same numbers (although not completely). This didn't happen when I first purchased the phone, but started maybe 2 months after.

    My setup: I have an unlocked 650 GSM, bought in Hong Kong, so it's got the built in CJKOS (Chinese language ability). I use the phone in China with a GSM carrier here, and SMS local numbers in China. I sync Contacts with MS Outlook on my PC.

    My attempts to fix:
    1. I loaded the latest firmware (1.20?) - still had the problem.
    2. I did a hard reset to erase all third party software and data. After this, I could send SMS messages fine (but of course I had to just enter the phone numbers manually)
    3. I then HotSynced again, which re-loaded my contacts from Outlook. Now, the problem is happening again!
    4. My SIM chip already has some phone numbers stored on it from previous use w/ another phone. I deleted a few of these contacts off the SIM so the numbers weren't duplicated in Contacts. Still had the problem.

    When I #*377 it, I get the following message:
    "A reset was caused on 06-3-28 at 11:47am while running "Messaging":
    ../Src/MessageStore.c, Line:1392,
    MessageStoreOpenItem: item open already

    What does this mean? I'm pretty much lost as what to do to fix this! I imagine it's some simple setting I need to change or something, but I can't find any info on this problem.

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    Well, after doing more digging on this site, I think I may have found the solution to the problem I posted earlier.

    I installed FileZ on my Treo (free) and then used it to find and delete the Messages_Database file. Now it seems that everything is okay!

    I'm happy it's working now, although this is obviously a ghetto fix - seems like it's a problem Palm should address in a firmware update at some point? Who knows.

    FileZ is attached for anyone who wants to download and install (freeware).
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    That's the first time I've heard about having to erase your messages DB! I'll have to give this a try and see if it corrects crashes I get occasionally when using VeriChat and a message comes in via SMS...


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