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    What is the best program to HotSync ACT! with the Visor Platinum?
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    If you do a search in the ACT2000 help file, you will find a part that instructs you how to sync act with a palm. I think that the software you need is on the ACT2000CD, but it could also be on the website.

    I would be careful with doing this though, as I have found ACT2000 to be a very buggy program. You best bet might just be to copy all of you're contacts over to the Palm Desktop by hand and use that.
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    I use ACT 2000 and have had great success with the ACT conduit update available on Interact's website. The new conduit is version 2.0 and has been available for a couple of months. As with anything new, back up your database first before you install it.

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