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    What is this? And do I really neeed it? Sounds, 'iffy'...
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    Do you need what? Java? Yes. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I'm like him...sounds pretty "iffy" to me too. I mean really, who needs it?
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    Nah, its okay. The only bad thing is that it takes up lots o' memory (3.6 MB). Get it here.
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    KMaps is one of the most handy apps I have in my Treo. Great for directions, looking up businesses and geting a map view to get your bearings. Yes, DA can do similar things, but the mapping feature of KMaps is very handy to have. Also, with ZLink, I have BOTH KMaps and the needed Java files running off the SD card.
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    My Java only takes up 1.8 MB....maybe you have a different version?

    Stil, having it is ESSENTIAL for Kmaps which is the bomb, as well as Webviewer which is the only browser that allows me to access some banking sites.
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    The IBM java applet is required for many Palm programs such as KMaps, Opera Mini and Earthconber. There's a thread on the board about how you cam move java to the SD card by "hiding it" inside the program folder for Opera. If ya read that thread, which uses PowerRun or ZLauncher to move it, you can do the same:


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