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    I bought my Prism yesterday and while installing the software somehow deleted all my favorite places . All the sites I had saved to load can't be found now. I checked palmgear and only found a few games. I am looking for centipede, gobble, hardball, invaders, tyranny & cuepert (among other things).

    You guys have never let me down, so please come to my rescue this time.
    I've become a Prism junkie!!
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    The best place to find color games is I think. I have found many color games and applications there, even ones designed for the Visor Prism with 16 bit color.

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    Both Gobble & Cuepert can be no longer found on most websites because the respective copywrite holders threatend to sue.
    Matt Nichols
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    Thanks for your help
    I've become a Prism junkie!!
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    i think centipede is no logner available either... i was looking for it...

    i acutally found i had a copy from a little while back.. .so i still have it, unregistered tho
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    i downloaded a color version of gobble from

    the remaining games you're looking for were also there, but they were the greyscale version.

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