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    I am using Mac OS X Tiger and just installed the beta version of Missing Sync. When I use the set up assistant, I can only see 7 out of 8 conduits. (The Mark/Space Contacts & Calendar Conduit, the 8th conduit, is missing.) I checked to see if this conduit was enabled as the MS manual suggested (I went to Library/AppSupport/PamHotsync/Disabled Conduits) and this conduit IS ENABLED.

    Until I can select this conduit from the Set up assistant menu, I have no chance of syncing my contacts, cal, and address book. Indeed, this is the ENTIRE reason that I got the Treo.)

    Has this happened to anyone else? Suggestions?
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    Suggest you junk the prefs file and reinstall MS v5.1. The official, non beta version is now out. I have 8 MS conduits:iTunes, AvantGo, contacts, events, folder sync, memo pad, photos, and tasks.
    I do not have a "contacts and calendars" conduit. These are separated in MS as contacts and events conduits.

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