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    Hello everybody,

    My Treo 600 fell on the floor. It worked fine the whole day, but the next day I noticed that the device was completely empty.

    I did not initiate any resets, and I definitely did not perform a hard reset on the machine. My best guess would be that somehow the battery got loose and/or disconnected internally, which caused the reset. As a result, my device is completely blank now. I can use it right now, but everything seems like it's factory default. (The date was restored to Jan. 1, 2004, which hints to me that a battery related hard reset took place.)

    The information that I had on the device is priceless. And silly me, I did not perform any recent backups. So restoring from a backup is definitely not a solution. :-(

    Is there any possible, conceivableb way that I could open the device and connect or interface with the internal memory, do an "unformat" procedure, or something of this kind? Does anybody know what type of a memory is used internally? Does this kind of hard reset actually wipe and overwrite everything out with "1"s and "0"s, or is there still a chance of recovering anything underneath the empty space?

    I am willing to go as far as technically possible to restore whatever information I can. Also, I am willing to compensate handsomely whoever can assist me in this matter.

    Anybody has any creative ideas?

    Thank you very much for your time,
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    I would Hotsync and work from there...making sure nothings et on handheld overwrites desktop.

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