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    I have had my Treo 650 for a couple days now, and have a couple concerns. I also use the Treo wireless headset if that matters.

    Anyway, I occasionally notice that my Treo will turn on by itself. I don't know why, but it will be sitting on the desk or on my belt, and all of a sudden, the screen will turn on. Any idea of why this is happening?

    Another concern I'm having is that I will notice the blinking green light will occasionally turn solid orange. I initially thought this was the Treo losing it's signal or something, but when I press the Phone button to turn it on, the signal strength indicator has a couple bars. I then noticed that when the orange light is solid, the double arrows are green, indicating an active data transfer. When it's doing this, any calls go to voice mail. I have no idea what program is accessing the internet. I use Epocrates, but it's only set to Auto Update once a week at 1:00am. I have checked Versa Mail's preferences, and it is not set to Auto Sync at all. Is this a normal thing, or should I be concerned? I am with Alltel if that makes any difference. What bugs me about this is the fact that my calls go directly to voice mail. Most of my friends that call don't leave a message, so I will have no idea that I missed their call.

    Update: I noticed the other night that my treo seemed to be connecting to something several times in one hour. The light would turn solid orange and stay lit for 20 seconds or so, then return to blinking green. Then a couple minutes later, it would repeat this process.
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    You might want to try making a new versamail account to see if that solves the problem. Versamail likes to ignore it's settings after awhile.
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    Your Treo's behavior is not normal.

    What firmware/software are you running?

    Try doing a hard reset and see if the bad things still happen. Make sure you back up first! If the problem goes away after a hard reset, it is a software problem.
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    Change your settings so that it asks permission before connecting. It is somewhere in the phone app prefs.
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    Yeah, that isn't normal at all. Something tells me the footprints in the sand are going to lead you to Versafail...
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    Mine does the same thing. My belief is that is caused by Verizon Sync. I have not found a way to stop it but it does make me happier about paying for the unlimited data option with Verizon.

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