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    I have my Treo pretty much set up. I set up the versamail and can receive my email from my verizon internet account.

    Do I need Express mail? What is the difference? Why are they both provided?

    Sorry I am just plain lost!
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    I'm interested in any responses as well. Versamail is working well for me, getting email both from home (Earthlink) and work (Outlook/Exchange), and it's a palm included app, rather than Expressmail which is from Cingular.
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    Versamail comes standard with every Treo 650 no matter what carrier you use. It's part of the ROM and you can't delete it. Lots of carriers give you an alternative mail program, either on a trial basis after which you have to buy it to keep it working, or as part of a business solutions package. Versamail is very simple, and gives lots of users stability problems after a short while. I'm in that group. I bought Chattermail and I'm completely in love with it, but it is a third party app and I had to pay for it. It's really a question of what you need or feel comfortable with. If you don't get stability problems like freezes and crashes/resets with Versamail and you don't need any more than basic email retrieval then use that. Others like more features and are willing to pay for it.
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    Agree with Rambo...I'm using Snappermail which works perfectly for me, because I don't need "push" mail. Versamail was very unstable on my Sprint 650, so I dumped it.
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    You don't need ExpressMail. But yeah, good luck with Versamail. I was happy with it for about a month, and then it started locking up my phone and trying to DL EVERY MESSAGE in my Gmail account EVERY TIME I checked for new messages, which took forever, and locked up my Treo if I tried to cancel. Very annoying. I switched to Snappermail, and was very pleased, but due to some customer service problems I decided to try Chatter out, and I can never go back. Instant email is pretty amazing.
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