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    Last night, while I was chatting on verichat, my treo 650 just rebooted. and then when I got back up and running, after I logged into my AIM and MSN with verichat, I noticed that there were no more online or offline contacts.

    i've reinstalled verichat 2.86 and yet to no avail.

    anyone have any idea?

    update So i noticed that my phone kept rebooting and chatter saw my emails and wasnt downlaoding them. So I figured that reboots werent working and re-installing verichat didn't work. So on a whim I took out my SIM card and wiped it down and then blew into the sim card part of the phone. Then I restarted my phone and low and behold...verichat works fine, chatter works fine and i also noticed that it no longer hangs when checking email. wacky.
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    Surpisingly, I had this same issue just happen to me. I tried everything to get it resolved... nothing worked until I did a search here and came across you post. I tried the same thing, and what do you know......? It worked. Thanks for updating your original post. It helped someone else out.

    Take care!

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