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    I synced my 650 yesterday, had an error in the log didn't pay it any attention. Sat down this morning to go over my schedule, and every single entry in my calendar is missing, 3 yrs worth!!! It was still on my desktop so I did another sync, and what do you know, it erased it from the desktop also!!!!!!

    The error in the log stated......- Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.
    Desktop = 2316, Handheld = 2315

    Is there anyway to retrieve this database?? I only need as far back as maybe last June or so. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Ok, now my desktop won't even open!!! What gives!!???
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    Ok...first thing to do is relax...seriously. Now, I am assuming you have a Windows computer. Try to reboot the computer to see if you can get your Palm desktop open this time. Don't try to sync your phone again...yet.
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    Thanks for the reply Cash.... I did the reboot and Palm desktop still wont open! All that comes up is the Palm logo, and that is it. I just don't understand why this happened, nothing changed on my Treo over the weekend!!
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    I guess my main concern now, is to not lose my contacts! I have over 350 contacts on this thing, and it would be real bad to lose those.

    Can I uninstall Palm Desktop, re install it, then sync up? I know my calendar won't be back, but atleast my desktop will be working, and I can start over on my calendar.
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    It's always wise to purge all your real old past events to keep db from getting to big.

    First Try:

    1. make a copy to soemwhere else on yur hard drive then delete the file datebook.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\datebook.
    2. See if Palm Desktop opens.
    3. If not, reinstall PD.
    4. On ya treo, run dbscan and see if it clears the problem up.
    5. Set all Hotsync conduits to default except datebook which you should set as Handheld Overwrites desktop and Hotsync.
    6. Return all conduits to default.

    If that doesn't work, calendar is fried so I don't think you will be able to recover that ... at least for the time being.

    1. Go to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username] and copy the entire folder somewhere else just to be safe. Say C:\Treobackup
    2. Hard Reset your Treo
    3. Delete datebook.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\datebook
    4. Sync and make sure everything is on sync or Desktop overwrites handheld.

    Each year I "save as" to make a copy of the old datebook file as say datebook2005.dat . Then I purge all records to start each year anew.
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    Jack, thanks for the reply... I ended up uninstalling the desktop, and then re installing it. 650 synced fine with PD, looks like my calendar is gone though!! Is there not an archive of the calendar somewhere? I would really only need the last month or so of appointments.. Thanks again!
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    No, no archive unless you saved before doing the hard reset, synch and PD reinstall.

    Suggest ya get a backup program for both desktop and handheld.
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    "Are you a user or an abuser? The question is not as bad as it sounds because I'm talking about PDAs... I thought about this because someone mentioned in our '101 PDA uses thread' that having a PDA as a hobby is one use. I am guilty of owning PDAs and customising them, spending hours loading lots of applications / games into any spare space I can find and ultimately not getting the most out of the device because of this.

    I'm sure he won't mind me saying this but Gavin is even worse than me- he has at times got bored with a new machines after a short space of time because he can't do any more to it. Myself and Gavin are people that need to just 'use' our PDAs rather than abuse them to the point where they start to fail (and then blame the manufacturer)

    Neil on the other hand is the polar opposite- he installs the applications he needs and then just uses the PDA. He has very few stability problems and makes better use of the hardware because of the lack of novelty applications.

    I have made a concious effort to just use my Treo 650 each day and to stop trying out new applications and games just because they are there. Note Studio takes care of the information I need for the site and work, DateBk6 does my diary although this is overkill, SplashMoney, SplashID and SplashPhoto do what they do well and eReader and TCPMP round up the circle of my most needed applications.

    Now that I have calmed down and started concentrating on a few core applications I am getting a lot more out of the Treo- it is a remarkably versatile machine and has become more useful to me the less I use it for. It's a paradox but the more you make a PDA do the less it will do reliably...

    Is it a valuable use of time to spend hours talking about PDAs on forums to to trawl the net looking for the latest PDA software? OK, I'm shooting myself in the foot here because that's what I have been doing and the site is based on those two activities but I wonder if any of you wish to share your thoughts on this subject- have you spent too long playing wit your PDA needlessly or sitting on forums and have you decided to just use your PDA and enjoy it?"

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