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    I use my Treo 650 for about two weeks now and I am really amazed by its qualities. Before I used a HP ipaq 2790 (windows mobile 5), but it was one of the good decisions in life I made in switching to Treo 650 and Palm OS. this is so much better and everything works fluently (thanks to the help of some friendly posters, as Perry!, who were so kind to give me some good advice. I still have a question concerning the calendar (palm): is there a way to show automatically upcoming appointments when the pda section is turned on?
    Thanks to all of you who are helping each other and best regards!
    Hans (Belgian newbie)
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    I'll give it a try! Thanks for your suggestion & have a nice day. Hans
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    1. Turn on ya Treo by hitting the green pgone button.
    2. Hit menu button (top right) and go to options.
    3. Select general preferences
    4. Check box for "show calendar event".

    I have Time Manager Pad ( and reassigned the calendar key (to the left of the 5 way) to TMP.
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    Thank you, Jack. I did not notice it was that easy. This is really all I need. Keyguardtime is also a nice feature, but it is too crowdy on my screen. So I'll go for your suggestion!
    Best regards,

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