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    ive been trying to setup my wordpress with mobile blogging but none of the programs i have seem to work. i can post but i cant upload images.

    i have ublog, hblogger, and mo:blog (mostly demos)

    ublog seems to work but never uploadst he images, no error, nothing, it says it was sucessful but never does it.

    hblogger has a problem finding the images on my phone even though i select the image from the menu. treo 650 problem?

    and mo:blog always gives me an ftp error? moblog has no online support and i cant join their yahoo group. anyone have any experience with these programs or know of any other blogging programs that work with the moveable type or blogger api? thanks.
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    A couple of weeks ago, I ran multiple searches at TreoCentral which led me to on-point threads. I didn't save any of the links, but I recall using Wordpress blog 650.
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    mo:Blog works good for me with http upload to WordPress. I gotta muck with the img tag a little in the moBlog article, but that's not a big deal.
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    yeah i did those searches also but didnt come up with anything specific, i just reinstalled mo:blog and like the poster above me said i have to much around with the tags and use the upload settings, but it works now. great program, really liking it. thanks for the help everyone
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    I know this is an old post, but I haven't seen any updates. The best treo blogging solution I've found (I use wordpress 2.x at is flickr. Flickr allows for clean uploading, nice pic formatting and even alignment adjustment.
    I just wish there was a way to effectively blog my movies recorded on my 650. The 650 doesn't seem to support most vblogging.
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    I ave been using Mo:Blog and it has been pretty nice. Waiting for version 3 to come to fix a few things and add other features though.
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    I got both mo:blog and hblogger. How are you guys uploading the pictures? (I remember some hassle with the img tags too..) I use hblogger to write to my blogger account and upload to my earthlink account. The pictures need to be stored off on the SD card for hblogger to send them properly. (And this doesn't seem to work all the time either.)
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    may not be the right "blog" type - but I have been using Splashblog and I like it because it is mainly a picture blog (which is what I wanted). It easily syncs with my 650 and you can easily add comments when you upload. And up to 1000 pictures are free.

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