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    Lottery Picker is a program the helps you pick numbers for your favorite lottery and is preset for the following lotteries:

    California Fantasy 5 (US)
    California Super Lotto Plus (US)
    EuroMillions (EU)
    Hot Lotto (US)
    Lotto Nederland (NL)
    MegaMillions (US)
    National Lottery Lotto (UK)
    NY Lotto (US)
    NY Pick Five (US)
    Powerball (US)
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    I was hoping......

    For an app that would let me punch my ticket numbers in, then, every draw, I punch the winning number in, and the app tells me what I hit, and what I won....

    Let say I buy 5 picks for 20 draws. I could punch those 5 numbers in , and then twice a week, punch in the winning number. It would be easy to see what I won or didn't win!

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    Sounds like a job for Sharkboy . Post it in teh developers section...maybe you get some bites.
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    Jackpot is designed to keep track how much you spent/won for all different kinds of lottery games/instant scratch tickets. Just tap on those three totals fields to get the answers instantly.

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