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    "Did you ever wish that your PalmOs handheld would HotSync automatically when docked? Did you ever want to adjust brightness, contrast and sound automatically-just like on your PocketPC? Did you ever feel annoyed because your handheld didn't receive files over its IR port when docked?
    To cut a long story short: why does Windows CE get the ActiveSync comfort while PalmOS users dont?

    Tamoggemon AutoSync is your solution! This program adds the ActiveSync comfort to your Palm OS handheld or smartphone-but leaves the ActiveSync crap out. There is no more need to repeatedly adjust screen brightness, sound settings et al-change them once in any app and AutoSync's Snoop! will do the rest"

    AutoSync is available for 33% less from PalmGear with the discount code 64857808. 24 hour discount ends today.

    Regular price is $7.99. Seems worthwhile app for $5 and change

    Wonder what it does tho when placed in Vehicle cradle ?
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    ...suppose it will look for charging as ie. the AutoSync that follows BackupBuddy
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    But a vehicle cradle charges also.....and it also has data connection for GPS. Wonder if program can distinguish and doesn't try to HotSync with GPS receiver

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