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    I had just downloaded the trial version of Warfare Inc when it caused a reset on my treo650. Upon reset, my Zlauncher themes/tabs were corrupted and all of my programs have lost their registration info.

    Luckily, I purchased Resco Backup for just this situation and and my most recent backup is from yesterday. However, when I launch Resco from either the launcher or from the SD card, it does not see any of my backup sets. I have verified the backups ARE there on the card, under /Palm/Backups/Default (my profile name under Resco is still "Default", too).

    Help! Any ideas? Is there a way to force Resco to use a backup set?
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    I would hard reset then launch resco from the card. It should see them
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    That worked - thanks!. I has thought about a hard-reset but was spooked, b/c if it didn't work it would have been easier to just reorganize my icons and re-enter the serials than to reinstall everything. But that's why I got Resco, to avoid that. Glad to see it works. Thanks again.

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