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    After a certain amount of use, the SD cards sectors or data buckets<?> however you want to call them, eventually cannot be used correct?

    Is this just a result of constant writing?

    And would it be true that if one only wrote to the SD card once, they could read from this card forever? (as in reading from the SD card does not effect its ability to hold data?)

    I have been pondering several ideas...

    It rather conscerns me that I could loose important email or other data if my card eventually "burns out". Or is that just a very slow process that only effects new written "buckets" of data?

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    I am sure the price of said SD card will drop to $10 before you "use it up".
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    The time it takes to "burn out" an SD card is so long, that if you constantly used it as a drive to store things, you would probably go trough 2 digital cameras, 3 PDA's and some future computer that no one designed yet before it dies. [I still have an 8mb one that gets shoved from device to device holding my documents]

    You're far more likely to have a HD quit working. The best way to protect any data... Dual or Tripple backups. Any technology can fail, and while SD cards don't fail much. It's possible that it dies the first time you write to it.
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    I have had one 512mb card that I purchased with my first Treo 600 - it is now in a 6 mos old Treo 600 that I gave to my wife when I upgraded to the 650. The card is in great shape and I have never ever had a problem with it. Ben
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    I used to be concerned about lifespan also, but...
    "NAND flash can be rewritten up to a million times" from
    I'm sure I'll upgrade before that.
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