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    Anybody think that the incoming sound quality is really poor on the Treo 650?
    I thought that it might just be Sprint, but my friend on Verizon also agrees that the incoming sound quality is poor (maybe it's due to cdma...).

    Of course, the easiest solution is to simply carry a wired earpiece for the best sound quality, but who wants to carry a wired earpiece around? Bluetooth earpiece is another option, but the sound quality would depend on ambient RF conditions.

    Anyone know of a way to improve the incoming sound quality via software or even possibly a hardware mod?

    It really sucks when you're talking to a client and you can't make out what he's saying...

    (Btw, I'm not talking about volume levels, but talking about the sound quality...)

    Have Sprint PCS 1.13A.
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    I struggled along with my Palm Vx / Nokia combo, jealous of all those 600 users until palm came out with a BT device. To me the Treo isn't the "big thing" it is w/o that thing hanging off my ear and no wire running from my head to the vehicle charging cradle. If I hav made / taken 1500 calls in the last 13 months, I'd say 1490 were with the Treo Wireless Headset on. As fr those times when I have had to use it, I have experienced good, moderate and terrible sound and have to little experience as to what to chalk it up to.
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    one word VOLUMECARE (does that make it 2?)

    edit* sorry, didnt see you mention QUALITY, not sound level.

    how many bars do you get with your treo??
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    I have absolutely no problem on my Cingular GSM Treo 650. Calls are crystal clear and loud, sometimes too loud. The speakerphone also works flawlessly.

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