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    ls there a way that if l put in an appointment in calendar that Palm will know to put the phone on silent because of the category?
    E.g. 10am-10:30am : Location-work : Category-business
    Heard there was something and tried an app (can't remember name). There was an advanced option in it - something to do with S, C, D or M and these were options to "call" features to accomplish this.
    Still couldn't figure it out.
    Any help appreciated
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    Is the name of the app you are looking for.
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    schedulecare does exactly what you want
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    schedulecare does exactly what you want
    I am wanting a freeware option if possible!

    Are you able to assist me with how I would go about making any calendar entry in the "Business" category become a silent one using the advanced options?
    I am not "techy" enough to know how the advanced bit works.
    It shows Event and I choose DateBk and then there is a blank line waiting for a "Pattern". What would that pattern be for my required situation? Would it be "Business" or part of the actual message appointment e.g. "meeting" where the appointment says, "Meeting with Bob downtown"? If the latter, then it won't go silent for the category I choose - only individual appointments.

    On the Triggers | Action tab it shows "profile". I have Normal and Silent.
    To switch back to Normal at the end of the appointment (the phone being on silent for the duration of that appointment) do I choose Normal or Silent as the profile. I am confused. It could read "Select the profile you want e.g. silent" and then switch back When EndOfAppt or "Select Normal to switch back to" When EndOfAppt. Which is the way to read it?
    I feel very about this all!

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