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    I'm looking for push mail solutions with a Treo 600.
    It is often said that the Mergic+Chatter combination just works like pushmail.

    It does, in some ways, but I also figured out that, whenever I switch the Treo off ( which is needed, otherwise I would run out of battery whithin a couple hours...), Mergic automatically disconnects...

    Is there, to your knowledge, any solution to prevent Mergic to shut down ? Or maybe totally switch of the screen light (so that I don't run out of batteries so quickly).

    Otherwise, is there another sofware solution to have email run at all times ?

    Thanks much,

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    If Mergic did not shutdown, you would never receive a phone call. Can't use data and phone at same time.

    To answer your questions about other solutions, you would need to provide details about your email setup. Chatter does push mail all by itself. Mergic is VPN software. So I am assuming you cannot access your email unless on VPN. If that's true, check out a redirector such as XPressmail or Business Connect, depending on your provider.
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    Hello again,

    Thanks for your response

    In a perfect world Mergic would only disconnect when I receive a call and not only when I turn off the screen... Chatter doesn't for example.

    Yes, you're right, I need a VPN connection prior to launching Chatter.
    I connect to the Exchange 2003 server of my company.

    Thank you in advance if you have any particular suggestion.


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    Another ChatterMail option is now in beta testing that could solve your VPN problem. If your company allows you to get your mail over the internet by OWA you may want to try the new OWA plug-in. You will not need to make a VPN connection to get your mail from your company’s Microsoft Exchange server. If you have Sprint or Version you also can have push mail that Chatter is famous for.
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    I just figured this out today !! Was en exciting idea, but it dis not work out. Surprisingly, because I access OWA from home. However, the adress I type is different from that of the usaul mail server...
    When I log in from Treo with VPN access, my mailbox is configured like this
    mail server :
    Whan I log from home, I type and then I log like on my office computer.

    With OWA Chatter plugin, I st up a connection with the "Exchange option" mail server =

    It seems like connect... login... steps are successful (little blue envelope on the bottom right of the screen), then these steps are carried on all over again without any email delivered to me.

    When I try to send email :
    Sending error : HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized Content - Length : 81 Content-Type:text/html Sever: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 WWW-Authenticate:Basic.

    Any clue ?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Ok looks like your setup is similar to mine. You will need install if not already the ChatterMatrix.prc and set SSL required in Account Definition – Deliver. For the Exchange Server setting I followed the instructions supplied where I opened on my PC OWA screen and looked at the link at the bottom of the screen and copied information between “https://” and the next “/”. I used the username I logon to my (without domain info) and the same password. My company uses same password to logon PC as is used to logon Exchange Server. So far it has been working for me.
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    Still does not work. tried everything., but I keep trying. Thanks for the advice.

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    You may want to create an error log see makinglog.txt of information how to create an error log. My experience is that Marc is very fast in responding to bug reports.
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    See if your IT department will setup a rule on your server to automatically forward a copy of your incoming mail to another address. Then signup a free AIM e-mail account (they support IMAP push). This is what I've done and it works VERY well!!! Hardly even affects my battery!!

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