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    Is there any software/ hardware that is universal? I feel as a 650 owner( since the 700p is not actually out yet) that I would like to get a setup that would be compatible with a later version of Palm os, symbian or (hate to say it) WM5. Is there any sofeware out there like this?

    Hardware wise. What bluetooth recievers are out there that have decent battery life and are small enough to put in your pocket?

    My ideal setup is to buy a 4 gb sd card . Move my current items from my 2gb sd card to the 4 gb along with all the mapping software software.

    I do a lot of service work (visiting various homes to repair electrical problems), visit starbucks, atv riding and traveling.

    Please tell me if this is possible, or if I will just need to bite the bullet and buy new software.

    BTW if there is a 700p GSM I wll be upgrading the day it comes out.
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    I don't think you are going to find any cross-platform GPS software. As far as the hardware there are a bunch that are small and will worj with a variety of Bluetooth devices. Look here ( I have the Globalstat 338, other on this board have the i.Trek M3 or some of the Royaltek ones. All have long battery life and are small. My 338 is about the size of the Treo keyboard. Just make sure you buy on that has SiRF III technology.
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    Mapopollis and TomTom are your only real options for the 650. I have a Mapopolis NavCard that I use in the US. It has all the maps on a single 1GB card. I copied ewverything to a 2GB card so I could have more room and it works pretty well. You can navigate coast to coast without having to worry about selecting indivdual maps or regions.

    There is another version of Mapopolis called Navigator that works in the US and Europe but it is a real pain to manage maps since you have to select what maps you want to use some have what they call "simple" ways to do this, but you really have to know a lot of details about the software to set things up properly.

    You may be able to install TomTom in a single card but you will still have to manage regions and change maps as you cross the boundries. TomTom has a nicer looking map view, though. Mapopolis is kind of primitive but works very well. When I got it TomTom 5 was not out yet. I'd have a harder time choosing today. TomTom doesn't have a trial version but Mapopolis does so you can at least try it in your local area with a limited duration map. I've heard the TomTom software is very similar to a TomTom GO so you could look at one of those in a local electronics store.

    There are a lot of discussions about GPS hardware and software at
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    There's a good comparison between the two better knows palm products at the twelveblackcodemonkeys site.

    Oncourse Navigator seems to be the best of the bunch on the WM5 side but it needs like 20 MB.
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    I purchased today a TomTom Navigator 5 bundle at They have a sale on TomTom bundles plus you get an additional $15.00 off during the month of March. It was the best price I could find today. Just in case you are planning to buy one anytime soon.
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    Is the GPS stand alone meaning your not using time from you cell plan??
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulfwindx
    Is the GPS stand alone meaning your not using time from you cell plan??
    GPS data from the satellites is totally free. Those "birds" were put up there with taxpayer dollars. Unless it's marked secret for some reason, everything the gubmint publishes is public domain. Public domain = free. (Although gubmint offices can charge a fee for, say, copying documents for you, even if the information in those documents is pubic domain, but we're not talking about documents here anyway..) .. GPS satellite data = free.

    When you're using a GPS receiver which talks to your mapping software to show you where you are, plan routes, map and mark POIs, and whatever else the software does, you're not using your cell phone minutes at all. Of course the GPS receiver itself, and the mapping software that actually DOES something with that positional satellite data are not free. Well in some cases there are free trials. (Geezus.. I almost need to disclaim every sentence.. heehee ) ..

    Mapopolis Navigator, for instance, the software engine is free, and they'll throw a free map at you to play with, (Fredricksburg, PA).. but if you want to make actual useful use out of it, (unless you live in Fredicksburg, PA..) .. you need to buy "map packs" or their SD cards such as the NavCard (entire USA on a single 1gb card) and those things cost money.

    There are all kinds of GPS receivers that work with a Treo. Serial (like the Seidio G4850 which is a fantastic unit, I have one in my car).. Bluetooth receivers (they look like a little wireless mouse).. even SDIO cards.

    Whatever kind you buy, if you're shopping, make sure it has the newest SiRF Star III chipset, not an older chipset. The newest chipset gets a lock on satellite signals in a couple of seconds. The older chipsets took minutes to acquire signals and show you where you are on the map, assuming you had a map of your locale loaded. (more disclamers.. sigh..) .. Okay, that's it. I'm done qualifying every other sentence.

    Mapopolis and Tom Tom are probably the two most popular/familiar GPS mapping packages for Palms. There's also Earthcomber (see my review) which isn't so much a "how do I get there" program as a "what interesting stuff is around me" tool. That one's free but it has plug-in commercial guides that make it more useful.

    There's a new one just out called EMTAC Navigator, which I have here, and I'm working on a review which will appear on TC probably in the next couple weeks. They're working a few kinks out of their software (I seem to have a knack of discovering bugs that get past Beta testers..) .. but the product (a tiny black Bluetooth GPS receiver + mapping software that installs to an SD card from a DVD) are on the market now. Oh, I should add that the EMTAC software works with other GPS receivers, and their GPS receiver works with other software. They're just selling the two together as a bundle.

    The software map display is VERY pretty, but they're not using digitized text to speech like Mapopolis does, so it doesn't pronounce street names. I miss that feature. It does, however, have two dozen crystal-clear female voice prompts ("right turn, 300 yards", "destination ahead".. and so on..) .. and a pile of interface features Mapopolis doesn't have. It's kind of a form versus function thing. I haven't seen perfect Palm GPS software yet. I wish I could rip the best features out of all of them and make one program with everything, but then my perfect program might not be someone else's perfect program.

    I don't work for either company nor do I work for any company whose products I review. I just thought I'd mention it as a new choice. Yikes! Anothr disclaimer! It has its good and bad points.

    I hope this makes sense. My original reason for replying was that I sensed you thought that using a GPS receiver in a Treo somehow uses up your monthly cell phone plan minutes. It doesn't. If I misconscrewed your question, my apologies.

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    I have Tomtom 5 on my 650 and I use a Globalsat 338. I also use a BT headset in the car (well, I switch apps from Tomtom to desktop, use the headset, then switch back to Tomtom and it recalculates the route and carries on like nothing had happened!).
    I tried Tomtom on my PPC and found the display disappointing (useless viewing angles compare to the treo's).

    I have not once regretted the purchase of either item.
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    Anyone try Handmaps?

    Doesn't seem as nice as the other mapping software, but good price...

    In addtion, Garmin has a BT GSP bundle as well...
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    I use Mapopolis and have used it since the Treo 600 days. It is rough around the edges but does work really well.

    However, I beleive they are no longer updating the Palm product line, and the latest version 2.33 seems to crash sometimes when looking for addresses. Older versions didn't do this. So you might be better off with a company that is still supporting the Palm platform.

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    I wrote a review of Garmin GPS 10 for Palm on the Bluetooth section of the forums. The maps, Routing and POIs are much better then TomTom.

    Also.. .when you purchase it, you get the Palm software, PocketPC/Windows Mobile, and Windows (laptop) software, with it. So you can use it on multiple devices. You can actually use it on multiple devices at the same time too. The software is just locked to the particular GPS unit, so you can't use 3rd party GPS hardware (without a hack).
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulfwindx
    Is the GPS stand alone meaning your not using time from you cell plan??
    There are "premium servcies" whuch you can pay for that use phone data kb's.

    In the US, because the service is a bit "sparse", they are not charging ajyone the fee least I heard
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    Lol that's funny. I knew that it wasn't using my data plan. Even if it did I have unlimited data. Thc guys. I got the tomtom software from a buddy for $50 and I will buy a BT reciever soon. this will be sweet. Hello starbucks......

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