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    I just tried both apps, latest releases and they are both buggy. Caused my Treo to reset within minutes, when I haven't had a reset in days/weeks.

    I just want and app, even light plug forward that will forward my calls to voicemail, it would be better if I can specify the number, but if it has to be all calls, no biggie. I just need something that is stable...

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    I've been using Callfilter for about a year now without problems. But it may be conflicting with other software or settings on your Treo. Play around with some of the settings to see if you can for some stable ground to work with.
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    The phone app enables you to forward all calls. You can use Profiles to make it easier.
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    if you want to forward ALL your calls to voicemail, why don't you turn the phone off? or if you need data go to Call Preferences and forward all calls to your voicemail? am i missing somethiing here?

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