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    I got tired of focusing on the case blemishes and scratches everytime I looked at my treo, even through its translucent skin case, which obvisously was purchased after the scratches!

    So, I just received my replacement case and tool from Performance Pda within about 3 days of my order. Everything was as it should be, and I replaced the case in about 15 minutes, using care.

    After removing the battery, just remove all the visible screws and pry out the rubber plug on the antenna mast to access that screw. Then, pry open the case, and carefully pop all the pieces apart. You have to pry out the speaker and mic peices and tranfer them to the new case. There are also two tiny phillips head screws holding on the back of the keyboard to the inside of the four way button housing. All I needed was the Torx Driver, a real small phillips, and a thin blade to help pop the edge of he case. They have lots of other good parts on their website, its may be worth a look.

    BTW, I am not a shill!

    TORXT5_L TORX L-Key T5 Driver for Treo 650 1 $6.99
    TREO650SPRINTCA Treo 650 Replacement Case 1 $49.99 :

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