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    I love Chatter! I am having a problem with one of my email accounts not related to Chatter. But, I need to have one account NOT try to retrieve email until I get my work email tech guy to get me new email settings. I don't want to delete the "Mailbox", but my Treo keeps trying to Connect to that mailbox/account and it's killing my battery. I tried to have the account be asleep for most of the day, but as soon as I activate Chatter my working email connects, then it tried my work email which isn't working.

    So, can I disable/shut off only one mailbox account?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Menu-Edit Mailbox-Deliver-Offline
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3
    Menu-Edit Mailbox-Deliver-Offline
    You are AWESOME!!!

    Thanks! You just saved my battery life
    Apple iPhone 8GB
    Apple 15" Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz C2D
    Retired Treo 650
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    With some thought, it is not difficult to make it so that you sync only one folder. Here is what I do. #1) the only sync'd folder is the incoming mail box; all others are off line. #2) everything is stored on the SD card (a 1gb card). #3) No mail sent from the Treo is stored on the Treo. All email sent from the Treo is sent to a server mail box tittled "Inbox.Sent Items. #4) All deleted messages are moved to a server mail box tittled INBOX.Today where they sit until I have the opportunity to consider deleting or saving the message at a later time.

    When an email is received, I have the option of leaving it in the incoming box or moving it to an off-line box. If I choose to delete the message, it is moved to a non-synced server mailbox for later review - I do not have to worry about deleting something by mistake. To conserve battery life, I have the "Efficient Sync (Slower Updates) option checked in the "Connection Preferences" area. In the "Composing Preferences" area, I have "Don't Save in TreoSent" checked.

    Anytime I need to do a sync, I go to the box in question and do a "quick sync."

    As a note, I do not use server-side filtering - I have no faith in it being 100% with it at all times - it does not think like I do.

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