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    Hey all,

    I've installed, deleted, re-installed so many apps since I first got my 650. Now, when I install Chatter, for example, it apparently finds an old mailbox from a previous Chatter installation. It says to delete which file if I don't want it to restore the mailbox. Having said that, that's only one example. Browsing my Treo with FileZ, I see all kinds of files and cookies that are probably just taking up space and slowing down my Treo. Is there an app that finds which files are no longer needed and kind of cleans up my Treo?

    Thanks for any info!
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    I think this belongs in the software section but Im also very interested in an app like this. I tried "CleanUp" but all it does is ask me what I want to erase. The problem with that is that I have no idea. I need something more like window washer or windows cleanup utility, AUTOMATIC.
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    If your Treo is binding up on you, remove each piece of software and wipe clean with a soft cloth and some windex.

    Then reinstall cleaned software

    My trouble free Sprint/T650 is doin real fine today.


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    Sync your devicr
    Buy Uninstall Manager.
    Rename Backup directory
    Do a hard reset
    Install Uninstall Manager
    Re-Install the apps you use
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    You have several options. One is to grab Northglides cleanup but the problem is you are actually going to have to read the user manual. The interface uses color code and such which are only explained by RTFMing. Basically any file which cleanup lists (my copy now lists about 28) is "suspect" because cleanup can't find a program associated with it that is still there. If you suspect something like "chat_in_box (made up name) is a suspect file, then check the creator ID and if it matched chatters, then you gold.

    Second option is hard reset and start all over....there's a step by step of 20 items here which is easily adaptable for a completely fresh install

    If you do that BTW, install Northglides "Uninstall Manager" as first app.

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