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    Thanks to the information in this board I've successfully upgraded from PalmDesktop 3.1 to 4.0 and am able to Hotsync with my Visor Deluxe.

    The only 'anomaly' is that the DocReader icon is no longer on my Palm Desktop and when I run the DocReader program ->Options and set integrate with Palm Desktop nothing happens.

    Any Ideas?
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    You will probably have to reinstall the Windows client to get it to work. I have had the same problem with 3rd party conduits mysteriously "vanishing" after updating the Palm Desktop software and/or HotSync Manager. Try a reinstall - you should have to do anything with the software on the Visor.

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    Your reply reminded me that I needed to do more than the reinstall. Since it was there before the reinstall did nothing. I had to do options and turn off the palm desktop integration, apply that, and then turn back on the palm desktop integration and after the apply the icon for DocReader was back on the Palm Desktop.

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