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    in normal hotsync operations how do you set up for the Backup folder?
    handheld overwrites?
    desktop overwrites?
    Do nothing?-what does this mean anyway to do nothing? thanks
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    Backup if your handheld would have to be HoD ... otherwise it would be backing up ya desktop files to your handheld. You'd only wanna do that of ya wiped ya handheld and wanted to put everything back.

    Do nothing means it does like me on Saturday afternoons....they sit around and ignore everything ... The desktop ignores what's on the palm and vise versa
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    once again thanx for the reply but I do not understand. What is HoD?
    You have 2/3 of it in your original post

    handheld overwrites [desktop]?
    desktop overwrites [handheld]?

    Yesterday when I was having trouble with backupman you suggested reinstalling it. I deleted it from the Treo and then for some reason I did a hotsync to upload some other files. Backup man was gone from my backup folder. I checked the CUSTOM function and saw that Backup folder was set for Handheld to overwrite the desktop. That's why I lost backupman I guess. I changed it to now read desktop overwrites handheld. This is only for the backup folder. All the others are Sync....
    1. Uninstalling is not the same thing as deleting:

    a) Deleteing a prc leaves preferences, saved files and other stuff behind
    b) Uninstalling takes most of that stuff with it.
    c) Uninstalling with "Uninstall manager" takes everything out.

    Reinstalling after a) is likely to cause problems. Reinstalling after b) may have some undesireable side effects. Reinstalling after c) has been my prpcedure.

    Here's my logic. All the 3rd party apps I ever get are first downloaded to the desktop then syncd over. It seems that I would always want the desktop backup folder to be the "dominant' folder. Am I missing something?
    Yes. When you download the program, hopefully you are putting it someplace like F:\Downloads\Treo\BackupMan. And you are puting a HTML copy of the purchase receipt and your registration code e-mail in same folder.

    Your Treo and Hotsync have no idea it is there. When you double click on a prc, the QuickInstall Program will sync it the next time you HotSync which will place it on your handheld early in the HS process. The program then will sync and I am wondering now if the "DoH" setting will take it right back off during the same HS or it will let it slide since it just installed it. I suggest you select the default HoD setting which you can get back to by selcting it and hitting DEFAULT.

    One other question. The center button. When I turn the treo on I press the center button to unlock. Fine. If I press once more then I go to calendar. Any way that the second press of the center button could take me to either contacts or to last number dialed( call log).
    After you hit it once, stop a second, look at your screen. My guess is the calendar button is highlighted. Hitting it again just selcts the highlighted app.

    Thanks. Also, I have the innodock cradle and it is a very tight fit. I have to use 2 hands to get the TREO to mate. My 600 cradle was simple as the treo 600 just 'fell/slipped' into the cradle. Seems like the connectors on the bottom of the 650 are not real 'friendly' with any of the sync or charger cables. Is it just my unit?
    Can't say. I ahve the palm OEM cradle and a seidio car / GPS cradle. Both are tight fits because of the e-grips.

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