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    So i bought a new SD card. do i have to reinstall all the programs i had on there or will the hotsync do that for me?

    in other words, what's the methodology to 'transfer' one SD info to the other? will a current hotsync do everything?
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    Using a card reader, or Softick Card Export, copy the directory (and contents of)


    to the new card.

    Some applications (like Audible, Beiks Dictionaries) store data in some other folders as well. Copy those to the new card. The safest thing to do would be to copy the content on the entire card to the new card.
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    Also note......if you gonna do what aprasad says, best to make sure you name them the same. Also some programs will not work once transferred to a new SD card. TomTom tech support told me that if I get a new card, the program will stop working and will need to re-authorize.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    TomTom tech support told me that if I get a new card, the program will stop working and will need to re-authorize.
    Hadn't heard that. I was just considering upgrading to a larger card and planned to copy all the TomTom stuff over. Believe I've heard others say they have done that. I assume that if required, all I would need is the original code I got from their web site. Wouldn't want to have to go through their suport to get a new one...
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    I aclled TomTom before I received the package from Seidio to ask about the "You can't install if Palm directory is not C:\ProgramFiles\Palm.....mine is E:\PalmOne. So the thing arrives and I go thru the ordeal described in the TomTom sticky (it was 36 hours since the call) rather then keep waiting for the call back . I do it on another box and teh whole ordeal is covered there but then I start having card problems with Treo nots eeing card. So I copy files to card , format card in PC card reader and copyback. Just after inserting back into Treo, TT tech support calls and I tell the "well, already past my original problem, but what heppens if I keep having these card issues ?

    I ask if, as long as I name a replacement card same as defective card, I will be OK ? he says, no....says maps are not tied in any way to Treo but to particulay SD card. He also says that what I just did, formatting card and then copying maps back from HD, should not have worked.

    As I had no more problems w/ card after formatting in PC, I never got to test his statements.
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    Is that what my bro meant by the TOMTOM is attached to the HARDWARE???

    I wondered...
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    This also happens with Audible - you need to activate the device again before it will play.

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