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    sorry for my language i am french.

    i search an official ROM of treo 180 (with all language)

    My treo is crash and i can flash the rom

    but i have not the rom .....

    can you help me,

    Can save your rom of treo 180 (keyboard) and send me it ????

    thank you
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    sorry for my language i am french
    i use a translator. ...

    I seek somebody who has a TREO 180 (Keyboard Version) for HElp me just 15min !!!

    my treo180 is crash !
    I have find a rom in the palmsource web but it's only in english and the GRPS dont works in france ...

    I seek somebody to help myself, I will lend a software to him to copy his ROM of treo180 (keyboard version) ...

    this operation lasts in the worst case only the 10 minutes and that would arrange me much

    if the rom is copied in the computer you mail me this rom and it's finish ...

    can you help me ?
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    I have a TMo 180 keyboard version. Send me a PM for instructions.
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    thank you for your reponse !

    can you give me your mail ?

    you can extract a copy of rom of your treo 180 ?

    Can you ?

    if you can can you send me the rom ?

    thank you
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    its nice to see people helping out just to be nice
    What can I say? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
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    Martin, please check your PM.
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    thank you very much
    Check your mail and follow the instruction
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    please, help me too, i have the same problem!!!!
    could you send me the software and rom for treo 180???

    mi mail:


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