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    I was looking for a way to improve Xiino, then I saw guys using small fonts. Wow, what a difference! Then I thought: why not use the small fonts for everything? Wow, what a huge difference!! Now I have huge realestate on my Treo 650. See these pictures, after and before:

    I know these tiny characters are hard for my eyes, but I can see much, much more per page. No way back! I wish I have done it earlier and not wasted the 320x320 screen for so long. Now when I reply an email, e.g., I can see the origina message in the same page! My Treo is no longer tiny, it's like a laptop. For the second time, a PDA is so useful to me (the first time was when I got my Treo 300).

    FYI, I installed FontHackV. Converted 16 and 18 Sans Serif fonts from Fonts4OS5. I use them for standard, bold, large and large bold for all applications.

    Now I'm looking for small icons to match these beautiful tiny fonts.
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    can u upload the fonts?
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    If you are talking about small icons in the launcher, just use list view. You can get lots of apps on the screen at once.
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    These font enhancements slow down your system alot. Especially when loading pics from card, and other things of that nature.

    I just recently removed fontsmoother with YAHM because of that.

    But I agree, I wish Palm made the oem fonts a little smaller!

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