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    Anyone have luck pairing your Treo 650 & Tiger's Address Book? I've read that you can see your caller ID (and a few other features) on your computer when your phone rings within bluetooth range.
    When pushing the Bluetooth "B" on the top of address book, it asks for my Treo's passkey. I didn't set up one, but I typed 00000. Then my phone makes a noise and says "connection in progress" for a min and goes back to the hotsync window. The Address Book's window closes about 5 seconds after I type the passkey. Any ideas? I'm running 10.4.5, Address Book 4.0.3, Sprint Treo 650.

    Treo 650/Sprint PCS
    Marlton, NJ
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    I remember reading that this is not supported by the Treo 650, I don't remember where I read it or details, but it was on this forum.

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