I just got my Treo 650 and am really impressed. That is until I began to work with the activesync and exchange server. I am the IT guy so there isn't anyone to call, and I pray that someone here can help.

I have exchange 2003 sp1 all updates
SSL certificate by Geotrust
OWA works fine
https://site/OMA works fine on palm and desktop browser. Both display mail, calender and all items in those folders

Setup Versa Mail. All setting work fine, successfully access to server. Press the sync button. Versa mail goes through the syncing motions, but no mail or calendar events are displayed. I can send mail fine but it does not show on my regular Exchange account which leads me to believe that Versa Mail/active-sync is not connecting to my mailbox on exchange.
No error logs are produced on either the Exchange server or the PDA.

Yes this is a head scratcher for me as well. Any help would be must appreciated.