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    Hi all!

    I recently purchased my Treo 650, and when I first got it, in the Messenger app (to write SMS/MMS) I could create/reply to a MMS, and had the ability to draw immediately (including circles, boxes, etc.) on a white background.

    I then flashed it with the latest ROM 1.20

    Now, after the flash, I don't have the drawing function anymore, I can only attach a picture to an MMS! I can't draw on a white background, I can insert circles, I can't do ANYTHING.

    Does anyone know how I can get that MMS function to draw immediately? Is that a third party app that I'm now missing due to the flash?
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    Okay... have I missed something? Why can't I find it?

    Or maybe there simply isn't a way to draw directly with MMS, and the only way is to add a picture only?

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