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    I have an odd issue with bluetooth that I was hoping someone might suggest a cure for... I'm fairly new Treo 650 owner on the Telus CDMA (canada) network.

    I've successfully hacked my rom to remove versamail, blazer, and all the extra language files but made certain that I didn't remove anything extra.

    I cannot, for some reason, send files via bluetooth. The stack is working ok as I can pair it with my puter for hotsync and with my headset but cannot send files.

    When in FileZ and choose send I'm told i should recieve a link to various methods of sending a file but get "An error occured and the item could not be sent"..

    When using Bluetooth Commander from Softick when I choose bluetooth it gives me an OBEX error.

    When I use the 'Send' command in the apps menu it does nothing.. Just lets me click the Send icon as many times as I want..

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    I had the same problem and just figured it out. It's the stupid PrintMe application. Delete PrintMe and use FileZ to delete PMel from Unsaved Preferences. Everything should work after that.

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