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    Hi everyone.. I'm interested in a backup solution for my Visor Deluxe. I'm going to end up getting either the Backup Module or BackupBuddy..

    Anyone have any recommendations for me?
    Pros and cons of either method possibly?
    Thanks in advance..

    Roger Cormier
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    Read this thread. Also, this search for BackupBuddy may contain some other pertinent threads.

    I have both myself. In general, BackupBuddy is good for someone who's always close to their desktop. The module is good for traveling when access to the desktop is minimal or non-existent. Together, they provide a fairly complete backup solution.
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    I agree with MarkEagle that both are a good solution. I however, would have to say that I like using just the backup module. It is very fast and reliable for backups and restores (5-10 minutes each). Everytime I add or delete a program I use the module to backup the Visor. If I haven't added/deleted any programs for several days, then I will use the module to backup the Visor just to keep the data in the module current. There have been several times when a mis-behaving program has caused me to do a hard-reset and the backup module restore is much quicker than doing a resync. Also, I use Outlook, and with the exception of my mailbox, if I should loose the hard drive in my laptop, I will be able to recover all of my contact/task/calendar/notes data to Outlook from my Visor.

    I backup my mailbox (.pst file) to a network drive once a week and to a Zip drive several times a week.

    My $.02 is to get the backup module and use it.

    Hope this helps.
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    I use both just in case something happens to the backup module itself (call me paranoid) but if I could only have 1, I think the backup module is the best choice since you can use it wherever you are. Eventually, I think it would be a good idea to get BB later just for security. It also lets you sync your visor clock to your pc clock and gives you a free internet backup called driveway
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    I have the backup module, have had to restore a couple times, it's worked out nicely. And it gives piece-of-mind when I'm travelling.

    I've been assuming that all my data gets backed up when I hotsync. If that were true, there wouldn't be a backup buddy, I suppose. So what does BackupBuddy do that my hotsync doesn't?

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    I have both... get the module first.

    First of all, BackupBuddy can be quirky sometimes. It sometimes annoys me and doesn't do a true save state of the whole system. The module does.

    I decided to buy the module after I had been away from my PC for 3 weeks. I had added tons of new contacts and date book information. A friend was playing with my Visor when he caused a fatal exception and that little reset button wasn't working. I became very worried, because sometimes these require hard resets, and I would have lost all my data. Fortunately, a soft reset did the trick. However, I learned my lesson. I bought myself a backup module and I keep it in my visor at all times. If I should lose all my data, with one click of a button I get it all back. That's worth far more than $40, I can tell you!

    The only advantage of BackupBuddy is that it is automatic whenever you hotsync. You need to remember to backup your Visor occasionally with the module.

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    and were you happy with your friend at that point? i'm guessing he got a bit of a lecture??
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    Get two backup modules.
    One for work and one for play.
    The memory extenders are difficult, Sony stick, FlashAdapter CF cards, and the upcoming memplug SmartMedia. All will allow you to copy files to them for storage, but you can not run a program from them, and you can not sync to them ( I think ).

    To restore from the backup modules is a snap, about five minutes and you are up and going.
    Jeff Schaffer

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