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  1. #21 appears to me to be the choice. my client chose a one man shop to do the work and I am headed there now for final inspection.

    all of the equipment manufacturers are on that website.

    this is for a guy's house.

    written on a dash. my new toy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post appears to me to be the choice. my client chose a one man shop to do the work and I am headed there now for final inspection.

    all of the equipment manufacturers are on that website.

    this is for a guy's house.

    written on a dash. my new toy.

    So, Howd it go? or
    Just call me Berd.
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    The Dash went back to T-Mobile. I got addicted to Bubble Breaker and couldn't uninstall it so no more Dash for me. I fear this means no 750 for me either unless I'm willing to flash a custom ROM without the games.

    The repeater works great, with signal thru the house. It handles 50 simultaneous users, all carriers and frequencies -- except Nextel. One repeater, a pair of outside panel antennas (850/900 and 1800/1900). Six internal antennas in the attic spread thru the house. We will put in one more internal antenna to cover the garage.

    Amp = = manufacturer.
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    I get a 'U' up on my roof.
    Do you think this route will get the 'U' inside?
    Just call me Berd.
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    This is the story about how the zBoost YX510 blew me away.

    Struggling with reception is a long and tired theme in my life. It seems ever since I got a mobile I have always been screwed over whenever I actually try to use it. I have tried a lot over the years to fix it. My house is kind of rural, so I know why this happens, but I just wanted to be able to fix it. I even bought a load of those $5 things from eBay, but they were worthless.

    Anyway, a friend put me onto one of these cellular repeaters. I researched the market, and because of my pessimistic history in the field, I didn't want to spend a ton, e.g. on all the Wilson Electronics models. I found the zBoost yx510, which appears to be significantly less than the competition, even though ludicrously it works for my wife's Verizon phone also (I have Cingular), and it covers me 3G connection also.

    I thought it was too good to be true...... It wasn't. I now get solid, solid reception throughout the entire floor of my house. There is even some spillage upstairs. I can now do everything I need, no dropped calls, texts, emails, whatever. This thing has really saved me, because sometimes I like to work an afternoon at home, but I was always worried about being cut-off if something important happened. (Not that it ever does....)

    Eitherway, the zBoost product has helped me so much, I wanted to share my thoughts about it. My friend also tried the Wilson SOHO 801245, and achieved similar results. It is an extra $200 or so though.....!

    - Steve
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    I also own a zBoost. It was my BEST investment ever. sells the duel band for $400.
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    Any more experiences good or bad?

    I know it's an old thread.
    What was I going to do, start a new one? :-/
    Just call me Berd.
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    Anymore positive comments on the zboost?
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    The link on the previous page to Aptiva for finding the frequency in your area is no longer working. You can try for similar functionality that works with all networks. Also, has a frequency search tool that can be used to find the frequency usage, you can also find the full Wilson Electronics catalog on their site, as well as a bunch of customizable kits.

    I've got experience installing and using both Wi-Ex zBoost and Wilson amps. In general, the Wilson amps provide greater coverage, and have a much wider range of accessories that allow you to add extra indoor antennas. In particular, I'd recommend the Wilson SOHO 801245, which is a dual band kit. For better performance, an additional preamplifier can be used.

    The zBoost YX510 is a great kit if you have reasonably strong signal outdoors (2-3 bars), and need to cover a few rooms. They also have an upgrade antenna (the YX029 which significantly boosts the coverage area of the unit.

    In general, you can estimate the performance of an amplifier by comparing the total system gain of the kit. That is the gain of the amplifier, plus the gain of the antennas, minus the cable loss. For decent coverage, I'd recommend at least 60dB of system gain. Every 3dB extra gain theoretically doubles the coverage area, so just small differences in gain can make a significant difference. Unless you are covering a very large area, the maximum power output of the amplifier does not matter.

    Wi-Ex also have single band versions of their zBoost kits, which are slightly cheaper, but you have to know which frequency you need amplified (use the Wireless Advisor link above). The YX500-CEL and YX500-PCS are the two single band products.

    Wilson also recently put out the Signalboost DT 801247, which is meant to compete with the YX510, but in my experience it isn't working well. I heard though that they are upgrading the gain to 62dB in February of 09, so that might improve soon.
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