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    I have a Cisco phone system at work that sends my voicemail to my email as a WAV file. I use Goodlink on my 650. Does anyone know how I can listen to the WAV files directly from Goodlink?


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    mVoice from motionapps.
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    I found mVoicemail for the 650. It works great. When I get a voicemail I have to click view high quality. It downloads the attachment, launches the mVoicemail app and plays the message. Works great. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Glad it worked for you.
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    I have a similar set-up at my workplace. However, my problem is that the email is never sent to my PDA. If i forward the message from my email TO my PDA, yes, I receive it. Otherwise, it is never sent to my device. thanks for any help you can provde!

    I realize the thread is old. I am a newbie.


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