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    My 6 year old machine has started acting like a 6 year old machine. So I bandaided it by restoring the OS back like two months ago. Treo wouldn't sync. Uninstalled software, and at the stage you're to plug in the Treo, it never sees it. Restored to a more recent date, same procudure, same results.

    Any suggestions besides taking the computer out back and doing an "Office Space" number on it?
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    Does the USB port see anything else when plugged in?

    (Man I would love to Office Space a computer)
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    Damn It Feels Good to Be A Gangster.......

    Seriously, though.... After you hit hotsync, check the hardware listing system properties control panel to see if the Treo is seen under the USB devices (maybe as unknown device?). You can manually remove it and XP will hopefully unload the driver allowing for proper installation the next time.
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