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    Sprint T650 have had since 2/05, started not responding to center button when turning on, would not hotsync after it fell out of my pocket on a ceramic tile floor. I did soft reset, hard reset and still had same symptoms. Had to make it turn on by insert/remove SD card and then the center button would be recognized by power on sequence. Took it to Sprint store, left it for an hour, of course it would not do the weirdness for them. They did hard reset but now when switching from Versamail to home screen, it takes about 5 seconds... Have very little 3rd party apps loaded now due to the hard reset. Have Bejeweled, Crash, Dir Assist, FileZ, Ringo, & Tetris & Solitaire...

    Any suggestions on what to try for diagnostics or just wait until it breaks completely (do have Sprint Insurance)? Any ways to help it over the edge?
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    Well, the dropping may continue to be a problem for the little critter. . . . but to eliminate any software issues, you could try a clean install:

    Cheers, Perry
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