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    I've read dozens of threads both here and on BMW forums regarding difficulties getting the Treo 650 to pair and make calls with the integrated BlueTooth in BMW's E90 3 series.

    Funnily enough, I have absolutely no problems pairing and operating the phone from the car, but I absolutely can't get the Treo to transfer ANY contacts to the car's phonebook. This makes dialling calls in the car possible only by spelling out the phone number, or picking up the Treo and dialling there. Not good. Everything else works, except favorites aren't transferred to the car.

    Has anyone here had a similar experience? Did you get contacts / favorites to transfer to the car's phonebook? If so, how did you do it?

    FYI, I have an Australian unlocked GSM Treo 650 with firmware 01.71, software 'Treo650-1.20-LAP' and hardware 'A'. The car is a South African October built, Australian delivered E90.. not sure what the onboard software revision is.

    Any help / suggestions welcome..

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    Anyone? Am I missing something blindingly obvious?
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    I have an E90 and a Sprint 650. Something like 6 or 8 of my favorites transferred over during the setup, but I don't really use them. Instead, I tend to rely on voice-command to dial as it allows an unlimited number of names/numbers to be stored. I simply hit the voice command button on the steering wheel, say "dial name" , pick the name, and it dials. Of course, you have to load the names first, but this is a one time process.

    I do think the CDMA and GSM bluetooth implementations are different and this may be the issue.
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    Only the favorites will transfer over to the BMW address book. You have to set up your favorites from your contacts on the treo. This is not a bad deal as you can have over 50 favorites sent up, which for me is more than enough to dial off idrive bluetooth. And if you don't have a favorite selected from your contacts, just dial from the treo and it will connect immediately through the bluetooth as well.

    Hope this helps.

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