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    Has anyone experience the Treo 650 key's paint coming off? My Treo pouch is fairly tight, and the key's paint look thin, so I wonder if I slip in and out of the pouch, will it wear-off the paint in one or two years time?
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    I don't know if they are painted or if the design is molded into them, but I do know one thing. They are easy to replace. I've already replaced the buttons due to wear, and the keys came with the buttons so I have a spare set of new keys. My old keys still look like new, though.
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    Personally I just got myself a skin case. Protects the entire unit that way and I actually like the typing feel better with the case.

    Now I really don't think it will wear off though, I know one person with a 650 that pretty much uses it as a computer for 4 or so hours a day... internet at work is blocked, so he uses the treo for all internet things... after about a year the unit looks wrecked but the keys are ok
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    I have work the paint off the bottom of my 5 way (stupid bike or die!) and the center (again, BOD's fault).

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